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Kickline Dance Center has an annual recital. Dance is a performing art which should be shared with an audience. The recital provides a goal for the dancers’ hard work, persistence and dedication. They are rewarded with the feelings of pride and satisfaction. As parents, you can see your child’s growth and progress as you enjoy their success. The recital is a lasting memory.

Students are responsible for purchasing costumes for their dances and a complimentary seamstress is provided for free alterations. There is no recital fee and included in your family tuition are two free recital tickets, free programs, and a free professional DVD of the show. Each student is also awarded a trophy at the end of the year.



NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $45 per costume is due for our June performance. Your child will have a different costume for each class. Please check with your teacher about how many costumes your child will have if they take a combo class. You can determine the total amount due by multiplying the total number of costumes by $45. All families will receive an invoice of costume balances in April.

If you signed up for COSTUME AUTO-PAY
your deposit (less any Sarris fundraising credits) will be debited on January 15th. Your final balance will be due on May 15th.

If you DID NOT choose Costume Auto-Pay
a check for your deposit is due November 20th. Your final balance will be due on May 15th.

Our complimentary seamstress will provide free alterations.


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