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"Kickline has taught Lily so much more about dance than her previous school ever taught her! The facilities are 1st class and the dance numbers at the recital are incredible. I would highly recommend Kickline Dance Center."
-Dan and Kristie, Parents of Lily, age 7

"Kickline Dance Center is top-notch! Cindy and her staff teach proper dance technique with a caring hand. The choreography, age-appropriate costumes, organization, and professionalism has really impressed me over the years! I would highly recommend Kickline!"
-Kathy, Parent of Jessica age 6, and Amanda age 8

"I like Kickline because I think it is fun to learn dances and perform. Also, I love all the teachers that help us learn more about dance and the new steps too!”
-Ashlyn, Student, age 10

"I have been dancing at Kickline Dance Center since I was three years old. I can’t imagine dancing anywhere else. The teachers and staff welcome me with open arms every day. The teachers also push me to be the best dancer I can be. Kickline has become my second home. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but KDC."
-Holly, Student, age 16

"My five year old daughter is going on her third year at Kickline and I have been hugely impressed with the professional instruction she has received. As a performer and teacher of the arts, I appreciate immensely the high level of classes that are offered as well as the technique that is taught at an early age for Annabella. She truly is learning the art of dance each week as well as an appreciation for performing with the highest standards. The recitals are outstanding productions that are so rewarding for all of the students. I would highly recommend Kickline Dance Center! Bravo!!!!"
-Kristianna, Parent of Annabella, age 5

"I have been very impressed with Kickline Dance Center. Both the annual recital and the Christmas recital were top notch. For me, however, the best part of the Kickline experience has been the Daddy/Daughter dance. After missing the first practice, my wife was concerned that I would fall behind. I told her: "It's a choreographed dance routine for five year olds; how hard could it be?" I couldn't have been more wrong! The dance number was challenging and required every bit of practice that Ms. Richards scheduled for us. That being said, it was appropriate given the skill level of the girls and the instructors were patient and helped guide all of us to a successful performance. It was one of the most fun things that I've done with my daughter and something that I hope to continue for years. I am truly grateful to Cindy and her staff for creating this opportunity for us!"
-Matt, Parent of Lainey, age 5

"Our oldest Daughter danced elsewhere at five years old, it was pricey, and they spent all year learning choreography for the recital not truly learning how to dance. When discovering the price for adding our second daughter it was time to look for a new studio. We settled on Kickline and have been so happy with our decision. The talent and dedication of the teaching staff, the interest they take in the children and the sense of community at the studio are just fantastic. We now have three of our daughters enrolled at Kickline and would not go anywhere else; the value of what they are gaining from the experience far exceeds our investment and our expectations. Thank you Kickline!"
-Dean, Parent of Lola age 7, Sensi age 6, and Evangeline age 3

"It is such a pleasure to hear my eight year old daughter speak so excitably about her three dance classes and her instructors. There is not a day that she is not practicing a dance step."
-Parent of Giavonni, age 7

"As a parent of (2) dancers at Kickline Dance Studio I can't say enough about the many, truly memorial moments my daughters have experienced while dancing and performing for Kickline over the past 9 years. The Holiday Show is magical and the end of the year performance is always Spectacular. I am always filled with so much pride and joy while watching all of the dancers perform in each show. Thank-you for such "priceless" memories!""
-Debbie, Parent of Raelynn age 16 and Rachel age 14