Why We Rock

Why We Rock 2021-05-17T19:12:58+00:00

The Kickline culture is something we get really excited about.
Here are some of the things that keep our kids dancing!

We have a family-like atmosphere. We get to know you and your child by name. Because we are not a competitive studio, you child can learn, grow, and enjoy dance without the monopolization of your family time and finances.

Our professional teachers encourage ALL students regardless of their talent levels. We expect and cultivate a positive nurturing behavior from our students and our older students take on mentorship roles to support and assist younger kids.

We teach more than choreography and provide quality dance education so our students learn proper dance technique. All students are individually leveled to ensure your child is challenged, not overwhelmed.

Kids should be kids, and should look and dance their age. To ensure this, we only select age appropriate choreography and costumes.

Self-confidence is something many parents desire for their children and we support this at KDC. We motivate them to push the limits of what they can do and strive to do their own personal best on stage. Each student is awarded a trophy at the end of the year.

Our students are exposed to music, concepts and styles to educate them and help them to become a lifelong lover of the arts. We encourage our students to creatively express themselves.

We love to exceed expectations! We want to makes things easy for you! We have an office manager on staff to provide you assistance and an on-site store so you can easily get the dance supplies you need.

Kickline offers a wide range of dance options with amazing benefits for your child that will boost self-confidence, cultivate poise, increase discipline, and encourage creativity. These are all attributes your child will carry forth into life and help increase success on job interviews, overcome life obstacles, increase performance in activities, improve ease in front of groups, develop better discipline and more.

Annually, we do a Holiday benefit performance to teach our kids how easy it is to share something they love to give back! Some of the organizations we have supported include Children’s Hospital, Travelling Tutus, Finleyville Food Bank and “Cash for Classrooms” to fund special projects for local school districts.

“We Don’t Teach Kids to Make Dancers,

We Teach Dance to Make Great Kids”