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Kickline Dance Center has 2 annual recitals. Dance is a performing art which should be shared with an audience. The recital provides a goal for the dancers’ hard work, persistence and dedication. They are rewarded with the feelings of pride and satisfaction. As parents, you can see your child’s growth and progress as you enjoy their success. The recital is a lasting memory. All classes participate in our June show. Our holiday show is an opportunity for selected classes and more advanced classes to perform a second time within the year.

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We do not charge a recital fee or a performance fee.

Included in your family’s tuition are
  • 2 Free June Recital Tickets
  • Free Costume Alterations
  • Free Digital Recording of the June Show
  • end of the year award

Students are responsible for purchasing costumes for their shows.

Costume Fees for 2024-25

Holiday Recital- (selective classes participate in this show)- Prices vary.
Costumes automatically charged to account on file on 11/15.

June Recital- (all classes participate)-
Costume prices:
Level 1-3.5- $75 includes tights
Level 4-8- $80 per costume
Level 9-16- $85 per costume
50% (less fundraising credits) will be charged to account on file on 1/15.
50% (less fundraising credit) will be charged to account on file on 4/15.

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